Office/R&D building details

With its engaging design and connection to the public realm, the Stevens Creek Workplace Campus embraces the City’s vision for a vibrant, pedestrian-oriented experience in western San Jose. 

  • The proposed office building at 233,000 square feet (allowing for up to 300,000 square feet), will include elements at one, four and six levels with a large green terrace on the second floor as well as several other balconies and terraces facing Stevens Creek which will both soften the massing, and enhance the connection of the workplace to the outdoors and to the promenade below.
  • With up to 40,000 square foot floor plates and efficient design, the speculative office building offers the kind of wide-open, plannable spaces that creative companies seek in order to support interaction.
  • The façade and materials of both the office and parking structures—brick, glass, Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, and perforated metal that plays with depth and openness—are designed to blend with adjacent residential buildings, fostering a sense of unity and community with the broader neighborhood.
  • The height of the office building is approximately 87 feet to the top of the roof, with an additional three feet six inches to the top of the parapet. A mechanical screen to hide building equipment, which will not be visible from the street, has a height of 100 feet two inches.
  • Proposed office parking garage will be four levels and 45 feet six inches high. At the pedestrian level the garage will be screened with heavy landscape, with the rest of the structure being screened with a warm colored, angled metal skin with varied sizes of perforation designed to play with light and shadow, depth, and openness in unexpected ways.
  • The office parking garage will have 843 office parking spaces, significantly exceeding the requirement in the Stevens Creek Urban Village Plan, which would require 466 stalls.
  • This building will be designed to a minimum of LEED Silver.